What Is Intuitive Psychology?

What is this blog about?

This blog was created by Dr. Sari Roth-Roemer as a forum for discussion on intuitive psychology, where body, mind and spirit are fully considered in treating the overall health of an individual through learning to listen to our own valuable intuition. This blog was created to share and grow this new paradigm through dialogue with others. The old Blogspot blog wouldn’t allow your comments, so this new blog was created. I would really love to hear your comments. The book is on it’s way!

What is Intuitive Psychology?

Simply put, intuitive psychology is all about learning how to listen more clearly to our inner wisdom to find our own answers and choose our own unique paths towards balance in our life. Integrating multiple psychological theories, including cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, existential and mindfulness approaches, intuitive psychology adds a broader mind-body-spirit context. Intuitive psychology examines the role of intuition and spirituality in health and well-being and addresses strategies for teaching people how to harness their own intuition and find their own answers. Intuitive psychology suggests that intuition is an important precursor to thoughts, happening quickly and primarily beyond our consciousness. Intuitive Psychology allows us to successfully know the now. As we become aware of our own intuition, that inner voice that connects us to something greater than ourselves, we learn to make better choices about what to do with our thoughts, our judgments, and our perspectives, and ultimately how to positively impact our mind, body and spirit.

Who is Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.?

I am a licensed medical psychologist and the director of   Intuitive Psychology, PLC  (http://www.intuitivepsychologyplc.com) in Scottsdale, AZ.  I have been an adjunct professor at Arizona State University supervising and teaching psychology doctoral students studying behavioral medicine since 1998. With a name that’s almost too long to pronounce, at work they call me “Dr. R&R”, a wonderful double-entendre reminding us all to have fun.

I received my training at Harvard University (M.Ed.), Arizona State University (Ph.D.) and University of Washington School of Medicine (fellowship in behavioral medicine). My clinical and research work over the last 20 years has focused on helping adults and older adults handle the challenges of physical illness, aging, brain injury, and chronic pain through integrative psychological interventions.

I am now exploring the role of intuition and spirituality in the psychological healing process, as well as the practical application of recent scientific evidence linking mindful awareness and consciousness to neural network changes in the brain. I feel lucky to get to do the work I do every day.  I began this blog in an effort to develop this emerging area of intuitive psychology through dialogue with others…and I couldn’t be having any more fun doing it! I am excited about the new neuroscientific research showing the positive changes in the brain that occur when we make purposeful efforts to live more mindful, positive, compassionate lives. Intuitive pioneers like Joan Borysenko, Judith Orloff, Rick Hanson and Dan Siegel have been inspirational to me. I believe that these new integrative psychological models are expanding our ability to improve our overall health and wellness on a personal, community and global level. I’d love to keep discussing this work with you. Will you join me in the conversation? Thanks for your input; it means the world to me.

So, please leave me your comments on the blog, I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts. How can we grow a paradigm without healthy discussion? If  you are  interested in working with me on the development of this emerging psychological frontier, please contact me. Just click on the “Contact Me” page to see where to find me. I’d love to talk with you more about it.

Be happy and well,

Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

(Intuitive Psychology is a ® Trademark, all blog content © by Sari Roth-Roemer)

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Ardith Solak says:

    Psychology is a very interesting subject. When i was younger i really wanted to be a psychologist. I also admire Sigmund Freud. ‘,:,;

    Kind regards

    1. Thank you for your comments Ardith. I think psychology is interesting too!

  2. S Rosenthal says:

    I love your new website and all that you are doing! So proud of you!

    1. Thank you, Stacy! I’m having so much fun! I’m happy watching all the fun stuff you are up to, as well!

  3. I am often told by others that, “You, are so smart”, “I never met someone as intelligent as you”, and “…you seem to know something about everything”. My FIRST THOUGHT is: Does what others say about me factor in the INTUITIVE side of me? I think not, I believe that my roundness of knowledge comes from REASON/LOGIC, however, at the same time I factor in the INTUITION, that I know, (REASON), that I’m conscious of the fact that INTUITION plays a huge role in important decisions I make in everyday life and business. I have found that on average I get it right 90% of the time when I rely on INTUITION, filtered by REASON, and then finally CHOOSE INTUITION.

    My SECOND THOUGHT and question is: Where does one look up to find the balance between using Conscious and Unconscious THOUGHTS? Thus far I have not found anything out there helpful, other than common knowledge stuff like: use both, but filter through REASON/LOGIC, but we both know everyone is unique and what amount of either is always a specific and individual case to case bases. I find that I use INTUITION a lot with successful results (90% accuracy). Do you think that someone can reach 99% accuracy from INTUITION?

    Note: I am not a, I quote, “wellness person”, “Astrologist”, and/or Pop-Psychologist” etc. I’m just a ordinary person who found what I call my CENTER, (no relationship to any cult or overzealous psychic/new ager), that I rely on to keep me inform on the best ROAD TO TRAVEL during important choices in my life.

    Welcome you thoughts
    Peter Dredhart, A.K.A. The Jewelry Guy

    1. Thank you for you insightful comments, Peter. Very intriguing. You seem to be talking about what I refer to as ‘conscious intuition’ – a powerful resource available to all of us who are aware of and open to it. The more we trust it, the more potent and accurate it becomes. I wonder, where do you think your strong intuition comes from? To me, this is the key to it all…

      You might enjoy looking into what the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona has to offer (http://www.consciousness.arizona.edu). They hold an international biennial conference in Tucson looking at the science of consciousness involving neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, biology, quantum physics, meditation and altered states, machine consciousness, culture and experiential phenomenology & contemplative approaches. Registration is open to all. The next one is April 2014. My colleague, Ondre Seltzer (www.Ondre.com) and I presented a poster on conscious intuition at the April 2012 conference.

      Be happy and well,
      Sari Roth-Roemer

  4. Bill says:

    love it. Great adjunct to The teachings of Abraham-Hicks

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