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When life gets busy we can forget to take care of ourselves. When that happens, the mind, body and spirit has a way of reminding us that we better pay attention…sometimes we feel stressed, empty, ill, overwhelmed or just plain exhausted. Why not make a point to take some time for yourself and brush up on strategies that will help you live the happy, healthy life you strive for. In August, learn how to find balance in your life during stressful times. In September, discover the importance of setting healthy boundaries at work and in your personal life. And coming in October… learn how to meditate with ease, with a simple course on meditation. The best part, is that it’s fun! 

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Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.


Look what just came out in the 10/27 issue of First for Women. Do you trust your gut enough? First for Women magazine asked for my thoughts on listening to your intuition and here’s what I told them…

First for Women Intuition magazine article copy


First for Women Intuition magazine article page 2

What do you think?

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer

radio photos

I had a wonderful time on Friday, with my friend Bob Roth, on his radio show, “Health Futures: Taking Stock in You.” We talked about aging,  self-care, and coping with big transitions in life. If you missed it and would like to hear it, you can listen to the pod cast at: I’d love your feedback! His show is every Friday at noon on KFNN 1510AM/99.3FM, and it’s wonderful! It was an absolute pleasure to be on air with him.


Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

ab34201.jpgSeasons cycling, so much change all around us…thought I’d take the opportunity to repost my May Day, 2013 Change piece to help us all think proactively about how to start making our dreams come true today…

As the seasons progress, Spring moving ever closer to Summer, the earth warming and teeming with new life and growth, our heads and hearts fill with thoughts of new beginnings. We dream of something new for ourselves…new job, new hobby, new vision, new adventure. We dream of being reinvigorated. We dream of replenishing our souls. But how?
Rick Hanson, Ph.D. author of “Just One Thing” asks us to be curious. Ask yourself, “What are the dreams that matter most to me?” You know the answer to this question. This is where your intuition comes into play. The answer that comes will be from your heart. Try to remain open to the answer, rather than allowing yourself to be dismissive, critical and cynical of what you hear. It is our own judgments and our attempts to be purely logical and rational that blocks our dreams. Dreams are not logical, they are passion filled. That’s not to say that further down the line of turning dreams into reality that logic won’t enter the picture. For now, don’t be scared of letting your heart speak its language of emotion and excitement as the dream begins its journey.
The next step is to write down the answers to the question, speak them to people you care about, or maybe even make or collage pictures of them; whatever manner of expression suits you. Let the answers fill your thoughts, your conversations, your dreams, your life. The important part is turning the internal into external — a form of giving birth to these dreams, if you will.
So how do we move from the infancy of our dreams into maturation, from contemplation to reality? By doing, of course. Think about the steps you need to take to get where you want to go. Write them down. Envision the outcome of completing each of these steps. Make them a priority in your heart; that’s where they come from after all. Start today. Start as soon as you’re done reading this article. Make a commitment to yourself to spend time each day with this dream. Keep track of your progress. The fastest way to get momentum is to start moving forward, knowing that everything that you do today will bring you towards your goals of tomorrow. So get moving now.
The important part is to allow yourself to enjoy each small step in the process, rather then making the mistake of living for the future. We simply can not experience the future in the present. Right now is the only reality we have. So let yourself enjoy it fully. Notice how it feels right now to move one step closer to your dream. As you move forward, the reality of this dream may grow and change. That’s okay, as long as you keep nurturing the dream with your heart, it will transform as it needs to, allowing you to simply enjoy the process of watching it unfold.
Possibly the most essential piece of turning your dreams of change into reality is the belief that you can accomplish this task. I’m talking about having faith in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. Think back to other tasks or dreams that you have accomplished in your life. Noticing the feelings that come over you as you recall these achievements, remind yourself that you are fully capable of achieving what you want. Tell yourself, “I can really do this. I can have what I desire.” Smile at the thought of it. Instead of focusing on obstacles, focus on possibilities. Focus on the areas in which you have control; these are the areas where you can exert influence. The mistake that many of us make is to focus on wishing we could control things that we cannot. That, of course, is a waste of time and energy. Accepting things as they are and focusing on what we can take care of in the present is the direct pathway to getting what we want.
This may take some work. But if you make a point of caring for and nurturing yourself along the way, you will no doubt make it. This means being kind to yourself. How can you fulfill your dreams if you aren’t taking care of the dreamer? Work hard, but also rest, relax, breathe, give and receive love, say encouraging words to yourself, smile at the vision of the new you that you are creating…
So what are you waiting for? The time for a new reinvigorated you is NOW.
Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

stepping-into-waterSitting late at night at the computer staring at the screen and waiting for the light to shine into your heart. Waiting. Waiting. Still waiting. Wondering what might spur you on. Eager for that little flash of brilliance to enter your brain and light it up like one of those old arcade pinball machines. Ding, Ding, Whiz, Bang, Beep…free ball earned! Yay! Trying so hard to catch a glimpse of inspiration, or at least creative insight. And then you stop. You open up. You look away from the screen and you let your fingers move on their own. You disengage your brain and allow your mind and your heart to plug in. Your fingers just writing down the words as they come to you without thought. In the present moment with each word that comes to life. Not quite sure where the next word is coming from, but just along for the ride. Seeing where it takes you. Your fingers moving faster and faster as you write. The words flowing from somewhere deep inside…or do they? Maybe coming from somewhere deep outside, connecting to the deep inside you?  Your brain transformed into a beautiful receiver of the intuitive flow. Not questioning for now, just allowing the whole process to move forward. Not controlling. Not directing. Just observing in amusement what comes next. Smiling at the marvel which is your mind in communication with something beyond yourself. Our creativity in action. Letting go of judgments for the moment. Just allowing it all to flow for right now. Getting out of your own way. Enjoying the creative process, alive and dancing with a life of its own. Wanting to write forever. Lost in the moment. Happy to be alive with the beautiful life force and energy that allows you to create. Remembering. There is no perfect inspiration needed…just the flow of the infinite reservoir of life. Waiting for you to step into it, unafraid, happy for the ride, wherever your heart decides to take you. It’s always there waiting for you to tap into it. Available to all who will recognize that is there and who will open up to it. A whole world available to us if we simply let go and surrender to flow of it all. Will you?

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

No matter what we think, the only direction we are capable of truly moving is forward…luckily, hope and promise live there…

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.



Love this! From one of my favorite ancient philosophers by way of one of my favorite blogs…







Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

Bright, shiny objects!

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How’s your balance been lately? I wrote this article almost exactly a year ago. Today, I give a webinar on the topic. As we head into the holidays, with so much on all of our plates, I thought I’d share it again with you…

Our bodies are a biological miracle of balance; engaged in a constant search for homeostasis, or internal equilibrium. But when we apply the concept of “balance” to the entirety of our lives, what does it mean? A sense of inner peace and calm? Contentment with the moment?  Feeling harmonious with our environment? Whatever it signifies for you, balance is essential for functioning at our full potential. Like dancers or athletes, we all continually move in and out of balance throughout our years. How smoothly we make those transitions can vary.

So many life events take us out of balance…worry, fatigue, fear, yearning for what we don’t have, unrealistic expectations, sickness, and loss of faith in ourselves. All of these issues, and more, get in the way of our ability to function at our best.  When we are in balance, our bodies work the way they should. Conversely, when we are out of balance we place ourselves at risk for illness and disability. Unfortunately, the older we get and the longer we have been out of balance the greater the risk to our health. Body, mind and spirit all suffer.

So, how do we prevent loss of balance? In truth, we can never completely avert it. It’s a natural part of life. All of us come in and out of balance at various points throughout our time on this planet. But, we can recognize when we’re losing it, and just like the gymnast on the balance beam, we can try to hang on tight with our toes. If we do fall off, we can pick ourselves up and get right back on the apparatus.

So, get your pencils ready, because here are the key ingredients to manage balance in our lives:

  • Engage purposefully in life. Pay attention. Make choices with awareness.
  • Focus on what you can control, not what you cannot control.
  • Create a routine that includes equal parts, work, exercise, rest, meditation/prayer, and fun.
  • Allow simultaneous acceptance of both the good and the bad.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Maintain Flexibility.

Awareness is key. Before we can fix a problem we have to recognize that it exists. Pay attention to your mood, pay attention to your aches and pains, pay attention to your energy and your focus. Ask yourself, “What is occurring in my life that could be contributing or causing me to feel out of balance?” Then ask yourself what you can do about it, so that ultimately you can come up with a new plan, and then prioritize and set limits where needed. Have you been burning the candle at both ends to keep up with life’s unrelenting demands? Have you been trying to please everyone but yourself? Have you just been having too much work, too much fun, or too much of nothing productive? Recognize where it’s gotten out of whack and think about how you can rectify the situation.

Next, ask yourself how you are looking at your circumstances. Allow your thoughts to just be your thoughts and not your reality. Thoughts can be changed if you’d like them to change. We alwayshave choice about how we look at things, even when we feel like we don’t. That’s actually great news and can be instrumental in helping you stay on that balance beam and complete your routine!

When we recognize that we have choice, we recognize that we are ultimately in control of ourselves and our response to what is occurring in our lives. Allowing ourselves to be accepting of where we are in the present moment is truly a great skill to have. When we spend time wishing we were someplace else, it tips us right out of balance and out of our present reality. Without dealing with reality, and accepting both the good and the bad, we have no chance of regaining stability.

In the end, we have to believe that we can do all of these things and that it is worth it. It is the faith that we hold in ourselves, in the people who are important to us, and in something greater than ourselves, that helps keeps us from toppling over. Can you allow yourself to believe that you can cope with whatever comes your way? Can you take the steps you need to take care of yourself and commit to creating balance in your life? If you can, you’re on track to dealing well with life’s ups and downs in beautiful balance.

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer

compassionThere’s a FaceBook page I’ve been following daily called “The Optimism Revolution.” Have you seen it? It is really wonderful. Daily inspiring quotes that are less cliché and more thoughtful than most. Today the one he posted was particularly good. It’s the photograph you see here.  It reminds us all that what we see is not always what we get. There are things going on in the background of every person’s life that we may not be aware of. Consider that what a person is  saying or doing in the moment may have very little or even nothing at all to do with us, even though it may be directed at us. That can be hard, for sure. The trick is to be aware that this is occurring underneath the surface of everyone we meet. It is on that level that we can connect with one another as compassionate imperfect humans. With practiced awareness we can learn to quickly let go of the automatic judgments we form and recognize those opinions simply as thoughts that can be transformed, rather than immutable facts. We can give the benefit of the doubt to another, if we let ourselves. What a relief it is to know that we can let go of the burden of judgment and allow ourselves to view our world through the glasses of kindness and compassion whenever we choose. I mean, don’t you feel better when you’re filled with compassion rather than filled with annoyance? The choice about how we respond emotionally, if we give ourselves a moment or two to think about it, is always ours. We can let go of the thought patterns that are keeping us in our reactive upset and choose to move our hearts and our minds towards compassion. You would certainly hope someone else would do it for you on a bad day, wouldn’t you?

Consider compassion today, will you?

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

P.S. I think you may need to follow “The Optimism Revolution”  ( on FaceBook, don’t you? It brightens my day on a regular basis…hopefully it will do the same for you. And of course, the more people who have brighter days, the brighter our world will be.

BeHereNowThere’s so much going on in our busy lives these days. We run from one thing to the next. We complain to our friends and family “Oh, I’m so busy!” …and then we continue on the same path. We struggle to finish one task so we can move on to the next. We look ahead and see an endless line of upcoming tasks. We are tired, we are exhausted, we are worn out…and yet, we keep going? Maybe with less and less enthusiasm and energy, but we keep trudging on in the same direction…

Stop. Now. For a moment.

Just stop and breathe. Really, really breath. Take a deep, deep breath in, hold it for a moment and then exhale it completely. Now, do it again. And again. And once again. Keep going. Focus only on this breathing without any judgment. Letting go of everything else for the moment and just let yourself focus on nothing but the natural rhythm of your breathing. As if this very breath was recalibrating your whole system. Re-tuning your heart, your soul, your body, your mind…you. Listen to the breathe. Let your mind clear. Feel your body slow and expand with each breath you take. How nice does that feel to know that you have the power to reset and recharge? To stop if only for a moment or two or three and to let yourself just breathe. Connecting with everything around you in a way that it fully present and aware of the very moment your in.

And then once you’ve cleared your mind with your breath and come into the present moment. Ask yourself, “Is this what I want to be doing right now? Am I spending my time and my energy on what I want to be doing? And if so, am I doing it how I want to be doing it? If not, what do I want to do and how can I get there?” Listen for the true answers that only you know. Ask yourself if you are paying attention to what you are doing or if you are simply on automatic going from one thing to the next, to the next, without really thinking moment by moment about what you are doing? How much more might you appreciate what you are doing if you brought your focus back onto it directly? I’m asking you to tune in. To pay attention. To be fully aware of what you are doing at the time you are doing it.  Listen to your intuition. Tune into your own answers that are available if you take the time to stop and listen. How much richer might your experience be? How much more might you get out of what you are doing? How much more might you enjoy what you are doing if you allow yourself to come out of automatic and make the choice purposefully enjoy it? There’s really only one way to find out.


For a moment.


Be present.


What do you think? Worth a try?

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

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