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When life gets busy we can forget to take care of ourselves. When that happens, the mind, body and spirit has a way of reminding us that we better pay attention…sometimes we feel stressed, empty, ill, overwhelmed or just plain exhausted. Why not make a point to take some time for yourself and brush up on strategies that will help you live the happy, healthy life you strive for. In August, learn how to find balance in your life during stressful times. In September, discover the importance of setting healthy boundaries at work and in your personal life. And coming in October… learn how to meditate with ease, with a simple course on meditation. The best part, is that it’s fun! 

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Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.


Why not try a little daily compassion? Eight minutes a day is all it will take…I promise it will make you feel better…there’s research to prove it!


Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

beautiful sun
Time to Spring into action with the “Power of Positivity” series

Spring is a time of renewal, restoration and new growth. What a wonderful time of year to join Dr. Roth-Roemer at this interactive springtime workshop series, geared toward helping you discover YOU and the power of positivity! In February, learn about the healing aspects of compassion and gratitude. In March, gain the tools you need to rewire your brain for happiness. In April learn how to pay attention to your wonderful intuition. In May move happily towards your goals with intention. Attend them individually or call to find out about getting a series discount for pre-purchasing 3 or 4 workshops. 480-261-4061

This is a cost effective way to get the psychological support that you need during these changing times, while also giving yourself a chance to make new connections.

The Healing Power
of Compassion and Gratitude
Thursday, February 26 , 2015
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Ancient wisdom as well as current research tells us that there is not much in this world that compassion and gratitude cannot heal. In this 90 minute workshop we will learn how to practice compassion and gratitude on a regular basis so that we can strengthen and increase our ability to use these healing skills whenever we need them most.

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Choosing Happiness:
rewiring your brain with positivity
Thursday, March 19, 2015
6:30pm – 8:00pm

Life can get pretty overwhelming at times with deadlines at work, financial stressors, family tension, health issues and more… Somewhere along the way we may lose focus on what makes us happy, which throws off our mind, body, spirit balance. Isn’t it about time to bring back the balance and remember that it is possible to be happy even when things are difficult?

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Listening to your own answers
Thursday, April 23, 2015 
6:30pm – 8:00pm

Sometimes we don’t know where to turn when we need solutions to problems – we look to friends, family and professionals, but forget to ask the person who knows us best. Ourselves. This workshop will show you how to navigate through the mysteries of using your intuition to find your own answers. Come discover effective techniques and practical skills for learning to listen more clearly to your intuition.

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Setting Your Intention,
fulfilling your goals
Thursday, May 28, 2015
6:30pm – 8:00pm

Intentions help us create purposeful maps to guide us in the direction we would like to go on our life path. They are the stepping stones of our lives. Without them we are in danger of becoming lost. In this 90 minute workshop we will discuss strategies for purposefully identifying and following our intentions so that we may successfully reach our goals.

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Space is limited to allow for interactive discussion and a comfortable learning environment.

Workshops are $45 per person via telephone and online registration, prepaid by credit card (discounts for students and for accompanying family members and significant others living in the same household are available). To find out more about purchasing a three or four workshop series discount, please call the office. All sales are final. Please call (480) 261-4061 to reserve your spot.

I hope you can join me!

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

A quick, easy way to find some calm and internal balance when you need it. Simple, but powerful. Give it a try? …don’t forget to blow your nose first! 😉

Let your intuition be your guide,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

This brief meditation, adapted from Jon Kabat-Zinn, will help you find a place of stability and groundedness in the midst of emotional storms or difficult circumstances. Appropriate for any time you’d like to feel an increased sense of calm and emotional strength.

Go ahead, find a comfy chair, close your eyes and let yourself take 10 minutes just for you…

If you liked this meditation, consider looking at some of my other meditations on my Dr. Sari Roth-Romer YouTube channel:

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion…If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” -Dalai Lama

The holidays are here. When we take the time to cultivate compassion, we improve ourselves, our relationships and our world…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

Our lives are happening to us today. Happy or sad, good or difficult, we can handle anything when we learn how to be fully present in the moment we are in. Will you come join me Thursday, November 20th at 6:30pm, to learn valuable tools that will help you  get the most out of right now?

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Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.


How much of your day to you spend in a distracted state of mind? For many of us, the answer is much of the time. In our fast paced world our attention is often drawn from task to task, event to event, conversation to conversation, stopping only for brief periods of rest…and even those times of respite are becoming briefer and briefer for many of us.

Try this out for a quick moment… Set a timer for 3 minutes. Close your eyes and allow yourself to focus on your breath. Just simply observe and be aware of the natural steady rhythm of your breath for 3 minutes. If your mind wanders, just gently note that, and then bring it back to the breath. Got your timer set? Go…

How’d it go? How often did your mind wander from your breath? How quickly were you able to note it and bring it back? Were you able to catch your mind wandering or did the timer go off with you being lost in thought? Everyone will have their mind wander at some or many points during the exercise. For many of us, our minds will wander away from the breath quickly, often, and sometimes completely.

Now I have a challenge for you…in the popular time of challenges…I challenge you to take time to be still once a day. Just once a day, is all I am asking you to commit. Schedule purposeful time in your day to stop, be quiet, clear your mind and just breathe. You can take as short as five minutes or as long as an hour to be still in whatever way works for you…sit outside and look at the clouds and the trees, sit in your favorite chair and focus to your breath, lounge on your couch and listen to a quiet piece of music, turn your desk chair away from your computer and listen to a meditation app, go for a walk and feel a part of nature…however you want to do it is just fine…just do it. Take time out of your day for whatever amount of time works for you to purposefully pull yourself out of the distracting constant flow of information and be still. Are you willing to give it a try… if only for 5 minutes a day to start?

If your mind wanders at first, that’s fine. No need to be discouraged by that. That’s the normal process of training you mind to be quiet and still. It’s so used to being distracted. When you catch your mind wandering, instead of judging and scolding yourself for it, perhaps try smiling at yourself for being aware of your wandering mind and then gently bring it back to your breath. Paying attention to all of your senses is another nice trick to help keep you off of your thoughts and in the present moment. Sense your body on the chair, feel the air on your skin, hear the noises around you, notice the feeling of the breath coming in through your nose and out of your mouth, feel your clothes on your skin. Let your thoughts simply come and go. Observe them passing through your mind, without following them. Put them on a cloud or a leaf and let them float away. If they return, let them float away again. Most importantly do it all without judgment of yourself. Give yourself credit for taking the time to practice…and practice is just what this is. Every new skill takes time and practice to develop mastery. This is no different. Make sure that you are patient and kind with yourself as you learn this new skill. Maybe even allow yourself to be pleased that you are purposely taking the time to do this for you.

Observe what happens after a day, a week, a month, three months of practice. Observe the changes in your level of peace of mind, your ability to be less reactive, your ability to put your mind where you want it to go. If you commit to this daily change, you will be pleasantly surprised. Your mind will change. Your sense of inner peace will increase. Your ability to focus your attention will improve. You will feel more creative. Your health will benefit…all because you took time out each day to quiet your mind and be still.

There’s only one way to find out if what I am saying is true. Will you take the Stillness Challenge?

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.


The Magic of Mindfulness, Thursday, September 18th at 6:30-8pm, Intuitive Psychology, PLC, Scottsdale, AZ:


nrm2185-i1 Will you allow your life to take shape as it unfolds in front of you? Making choices as new situations, new opportunities, new obstacles arise? Or will you spend your energy making the things you want happen? Envisioning your life as it should be, striving for perfection? Trick question, isn’t it? Be honest with yourself, which did you choose?

So many of us were raised to force our way through life. If we wanted “it” we were taught to go out and get “it”, no matter what. Pull yourself up by the boot straps and make it happen. That way worked well at one time in our very recent history. Fledgling nations like America were built on this type of determination and perseverance. It isn’t a bad thing, it just doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to anymore. Why?

Everything changes with time. At some point, a significant shift seems to have occurred. Our world sped up. We became so busy and overloaded with stimulation and information coming at us from all directions at every moment, that now, if we get caught up in a struggle with everything that comes our way, we will live our life in struggle…and we will suffer for it. We will get stressed, we will get unhappy, our relationships will come apart, our bodies will get sick and our culture will erode. The make-it-happen approach was for a slower paced time in our history. In this high octane world of ours, we now need to make every moment count. How do we do that? We get smarter, we become aware, we focus on the present moment where we have control over our choices, and we go with the flow. With eyes wide open we allow life to happen and we make purposeful choices about how we want to engage with it. Instead of struggling and forcing, we surf, we dance, we ride the waves, we move with the pace of our lives without resistance. Sometimes easier said than done, for sure, but with practice, the rewards are great. A life of less upset, greater ease, improved health, happy relationship, and culture that flourishes and ultimately more accomplishment. If we aren’t wasting our time on the struggle, we have more time to enjoy, connect and grow.

Practice. It will get easier and easier. Take time to meditate. Take a yoga or a tai chi class. Concentrate on the sky and the trees and the rocks as you take your morning walk. Breathe and pay attention to that simplest of life sustaining activities. When life happens to you, choose your path wisely. Think about who you want to be… and how that choice fits into the vision of who you are moving towards becoming and where you are going. I’m not saying it will be easy. Some of the choices in front of you may be hard ones. But if they are the right ones for you, they will lead you away from struggle and into growth.

For some, this will be a hard pill to swallow. Struggle has become the norm for many of us. But does it have to remain so? What do you gain from it? Can you still feel proud of the choices you make if direct struggle was not involved? I think you can…because it still takes effort, doesn’t it? I am not talking about taking the easy way out. Going with the flow of life and making choices as the come to us, still takes hard work, perseverance, and bravery…all things we can be proud of when the day is done and the choice is made.

Look, life is gonna come at us no matter what. Our choice is how we will engage. Will we struggle and force our way through it, or will we have the grace to sit back, observe, follow our intuition and enjoy the ride it takes us on?

What do you think?

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

IMG00139-20100704-1817Trying hard to relax? Maybe don’t try so hard… Consider instead that forcing yourself to relax will rarely ever work, simply because relaxation is a a letting go…a release. To force relaxation is actually the opposite of what relaxation is all about. You have to allow it, rather than demand it. Instead of struggling against stressful emotions like fear, anxiety and anger…allow them to pass through. All too often, without meaning to, we hang on tightly to our emotions with the stories we tell ourselves. Put those stress-inducing stories down and let them go. Become aware of what you are saying to yourself, allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, let it be what it is and let it pass. Be mindful of your thoughts. Let  your story move from a story of fear and upset to a story of release and triumph. From “Oh no, this is terrible! I can’t do this!” to “It’s all right. In time, I will figure this out.” Breathe deeply, as if you are breathing in and out through your heart, then between your brows, and finally through the top of your head. Gently let go of your upset with each breath. Don’t push it away forcefully. Just breathe it out as if each breath is softly sweeping away the stress from your mind and from your heart. Tell yourself you will figure it out, even if you haven’t come up with the solution just yet. Focus on the present moment and what you can control right now. Put your mind where you want it to be. Meditate, go outside, move your body, sing your favorite song, call your favorite friend, cook your favorite meal, do anything that pleasantly absorbs your attention… Honor yourself for being human, with a full set of human emotions, as well as an amazing ability to be resilient and to pass through difficulty if you just allow it. Then smile to yourself, knowing that you’ve just cleared a space for that inner voice inside you to speak your answers freely…

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.

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