You Know Best…



How’s your intuition these days? Freelance writer, Jennifer King Lindley, interviewed me and other experts about the role of intuition in our lives for her article “You Know Best” in the most recent March issue of Redbook. We discussed the concept of worry being different than intuition, and how it can be very difficult to distinguish between the two in the midst of our hectic lives. The constant chatter of our minds, along with problems like stress, overthinking, anxiety, depression, perfectionistic expectations and our insecurities, can cover up our ability to listen to our inner voice. The good news is that there is a solution. If you take time each day to sit and be still, even if it’s just for a few moments, you can help identify what’s worry and what’s intuition. “Sit and be still” doesn’t have to mean meditate for hours, it can simply mean sit and focus on your breath for several minutes, take a few moments to say the compassion meditation to yourself, or sit on your patio with a cup of coffee in the morning and focus on the passing clouds in the sky. Whatever you choose to do is fine, just make sure that you are taking some time each day to push the pause button and take a breath or two to clear away the interference from your thoughts and emotions. Additionally, if you can work on filtering out the static by identifying what emotions are getting in your way, you’ll be better able to address your actual worries, and better able understand what your intuition is saying to you. Ask yourself, “what is bothering me right now?”  Label the emotion you are feeling. Reassure yourself that you will be able to come up with an answer. In the end, I told the writer, we all need to trust that we have the answers to the big questions in our lives. Because, after all, who else would have the answers, but ourselves? To read the article and the excellent insights the other experts had to offer about intuition, take a look at the article above!

Be happy and well,

Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D.


Self-Compassion Meditation

In your mind and your heart, say to yourself (3-5 repetitions):

May I be filled with loving kindness

May I be healthy and well

May I be peaceful and at ease

May I be happy

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