Rise to your highest self

candle-light-heartOur hearts are broken at the relentless news of inhumanity these days…most recently the news of over 100 school children in Pakistan being ruthlessly massacred. How are we to swallow this devastating news? How do we not fall under the weight of the despair it causes? Many of us are left wondering what has become of our humanity. But then we remember, the extremists and the violence do not define us. We are not helpless. These times call on you to rise to your highest self…check on an elderly neighbor, bring soup to a sick friend, smile at a stranger, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or anything that kindles your true compassionate nature. We can remind ourselves that extremists do not define the broader cultures of the perpetrators. We can speak out against extremism and offer our voices and our actions of compassion and caring for the troubled, but beautiful, world we live in. Together, we can open our hearts even wider to shine a beautiful light that helps to brighten the darkness we may feel, and also helps us to see how we are all connected. We are not lost…we are together in this.

May we be filled with loving kindness
May we be healthy and well
May we be peaceful and at ease
May we be happy

Let your intuition be your guide,
Sari Roth-Roemer


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