The road to happiness

Follow your dreams. You deserve to be happy. How many times have you heard these things from other people? A lot? A little? Never? No matter. How many times have you heard it from deep inside yourself? How can you get to your dreams and your happiness if you don’t have hope and belief that you can? That’s where it starts, you know, with yourself. Others won’t get you to your dreams; you will.

Have you ever actually defined your dreams? Have you envisioned them? Do you know what they look like? It’s hard to get what you want if you don’t define it for yourself. Now, I don’t mean that you have to know every last detail of what your dream looks like. That kind of preconception can lead to disappointment and confusion. But, I do mean in a broad sense, allow yourself to envision what “happy” looks like for you. Let yourself to feel the happiness that the image of it creates for you; then take the steps you need to get there, all the while trusting that you will get there, in time, small step by small step. Allow yourself to enjoy the steps as you take them, because they will make you happy now, knowing that you’re moving along your path.

Take a deep breath or two, and listen out for that inner voice deep within you that tells you, you can do it. Because you absolutely can…if you want to…if you don’t allow yourself to stand in your own way with your self-doubt and your fears…

  • Take a look at the fear and the doubt you’re holding onto and envisioning and let it go.
  • Let go of the struggle and allow yourself to follow the vision of your dreams and not your fears. 
  • Breathe in faith and confidence in yourself.
  • Smile at the image of your happiness, bringing it into the present with you now.

How does this sound to you? Will you give it a try, purposefully envisioning your dream, every day for a week or two or three or four and let me know where it takes you? I will, if you will…

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer


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