Are you listening to your intuition?

I had a patient in my office recently…a very smart, caring, professionally accomplished man. He was discussing recent unsuccessful relationships, as well as a new relationship he was considering embarking on. Over the course of our time together he began to describe a strong feeling of “discomfort” that he would get every time he was communicating with these women. In each case it lead to a pursuit of the relationship. How lucky he was, I pointed out that he had an intuition that was so strong and accurate. What a bummer it was, I also pointed out, that he chose to ignore it. There it was, right in front of him, his heart telling him “don’t go there, it will hurt you.” But instead of heading the warning, he moved towards the relationship that caused him discomfort, tried to nurture it, and each time was surprised by the hurt it created and the emotional cost it had for him. Luckily, I pointed out, with awareness, he now had a choice. Would he now continue to turn in the same direction towards the relationship, each time he felt a sense of discomfort, or would he allow himself to look closely at those feelings and honor them. And as he honed that skill, would he open himself up for relationships filled with “comfort” and “ease”? I reminded him, the choice was his.

Intuition is a valuable tool that is available to us all. It often occurs in a flash; sometimes without our even acknowledging it. But if we do acknowledge it, oh the things it can teach us. Are you listening to yours?

Be happy and well,

Sari Roth-Roemer


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