The joys of impermanence?

What comes will go…we know it’s true…sometimes this is easier to accept than others. We know that change is inevitable, but so often we live our lives as if things will always remain the same. But what are we setting ourselves up for when we do this? Resistance to change and disappointment when it occurs, of course. The truth is, change is good. It represents the dynamic flow of life. Change is growth and without it we are stagnant and blocked on our path.

What happens if we reframe our view of change? What happens if we tell ourselves change is ultimately an opportunity for growth? What if we keep our eyes open for the rewards that come from it? And what happens if instead of dreading the change that will inevitably come, we instead know that it will come, accept it when it does and maybe even look forward to the new opportunities it will likely bring?

Dread and disappointment or excitement and curiosity? We know which you’d likely prefer, but which will you purposefully choose?

Be happy and well,

Sari Roth-Roemer


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  1. Interesting article The joys of impermanence? Intuitive Psychology here. Thank you.

    1. Thanks! Just took a look at your website and enjoyed it.

  2. Laurene Zemis says:

    Hi Dr. Sari: I met you & Ondre at The Gift session on Dec. 17. I have enjoyed reading your blog & hearing Ondre’s weekly broadcast. I was amazed at the number of topics you cover here. I’m interested in learning more about intuition & how works as such a helpful guide. Sometimes during work, it’s nice to take a break & read your inspirational blog. This New Year feels very promising & I am grateful to have met two very gifted & generous people! Thank you & Happy New Year, Laurene

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Laurene. I enjoyed meeting you too. Intuition is such a fascinating tool that we all have at our disposal, isn’t it? Stay tuned for more info on how to tap into your own healing power and maintain mind-body-spirit balance on this blog as well as upcoming workshops. I’m glad to hear your new year is off to a good start.
      Be happy and well,
      “Dr. Sari”

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