Meditation for a New Year

How about starting the yearoff right by listening to that marvelous intuition of yours? Find a comfy place to sit. Close your eyes. Get in tune with your breath, the in and out of it,the rise and fall of your abdomen. Smile…and listen now. Listen to your breath, listen to your heart, listen to your inner wisdom. Connect through your breath to all that is around you. All that you are a part of. Enjoy it. Don’t expect a lightening bolt of inspiration. If that comes, terrific, but if it doesn’t, don’t be disappointed. Instead maybe just ‘be‘. Allow yourself to just simply enjoy the moment for what it is. Taking time just for you to be quiet, to ‘plug in’, to just be you. Say a prayer if you’d like, or just listen to your breathing. Let your thoughts simply come and go, without holding on. Smile and enjoy. Take a minute, take a few minutes, take as long as you like. There’s no right way to do this. Just doing it, is right for you.

So, how was it? Nice, hard, easy, difficult? Will you make time for yourself in this way every day? Just a moment or two is all you need. What do you think?

Happy New Year my friends…

Be happy and well,

Sari Roth-Roemer

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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