What’s in a dream?

Dreams…our psyche’s journey into our innermost feelings. An open avenue for our intuition. No filters, no judgements. Just pure unadulterated inspiration,  if you are open to it. Are you open to it? If you are, try out this exercise that I learned from Dr. Joan Borysenko and let me know what you think…

1. When you awake, don’t move. Lie still. Keep your eyes closed or the dream will disappear.

2. Pay attention to how you are feeling emotionally and what your bodyis feeling?

3. Give your dream a snappy title (this will help you recall it later)
4. Rehearse it. Go through the whole dream in your mind as best you can exactly as it happened. Do this twice.
5. With the pad of paper you’ll keep next to your bed, write the dream down in the first person present tense.
6. Write down any accompanying thoughts and feelings.
7. Revisit your dream log from time to time and discover how rich your interpretation can become with time.
Have fun with this. Don’t give yourself a hard time for not recalling every detail or for not being an expert dream analyst. Be careful not to let your fears or judgements block you. Approach the dream with wonder and curiosity. You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to make sense of your dreams. All you have to do is pay attention and let go of judgement. Be aware of how you feel emotionally and physically in relation to the dream and use these feelings as a guide for your interpretation.  Play with it and enjoy honing your new skill. If you just can’t seem to figure it out, talk about it with someone you trust and respect as a way to hear it out loud. Don’t put more stock in someone else’s interpretation than yours though…this is your dream. Enjoy this gift of discovering more about yourself and the issues that are/will be occurring in your life. Many new paths have been found at the end of a dream. So many doors open up to us when we allow ourselves to listen with more than just our intellect alone.

What are you dreams telling you? Are you listening?

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer



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