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Passing it on…

I have bees. A whole swarm of them drinking out of my pool. I tried letting them do their thing, but they weren’t too interested in letting me do mine…so I called the bee guy…

Mr. B, we’ll call him, came to save the day. He explained why the bees were coming, and what they were doing. He had a little navigating around the side of the house to do and I noticed that he had a limp. When he came back in the house he told me his story of taking a fall off of a 40foot ladder while getting bees out of very tall tree with no branches to grab hold of. He ended up landing on his feet, quite literally, and in so doing he broke both his ankles. It was supposed to take him nine months months to heal. He told me with pride that he was back to work on the 91st day. He told me that his wife had told him that everything happens for a reason and that this did too. He wasn’t so sure at first, he said, but later he knew she was right. With a BIG smile on his face he told me that he was wheel chair bound after the accident so he taught himself how to play guitar and that now he owned two of them. He charged me half price, shook my hand, and was on his way to rescue the next person from the swarm of bees in their lives…

We don’t always think about how our stories impact others…but maybe we should? The choices we make everyday don’t just affect us. They affect our family, our colleagues, our neighbors, and the people we come into contact with throughout our day. Perhaps that is something we all need to be a little more mindful of.

Mr. B made me smile and lifted my spirits. Everything about him was positive. His attitude. His approach to his work. His interaction with me. Even my teenage son noticed what a nice guy he was! He made my day, he shared his good energy with me so that I could share it with others…and he got rid of my bees!

Thank you Mr. B.

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer


What’s it all about?

Love. One simple word. So much meaning. The bottom line of the human experience. We want it, we seek it, we are grateful for it, we miss it, we cherish it, at times we are scared of it, but we always need it. Some of us are skilled at finding it. Others of us are not. The thing we all share at our roots is our capacity for it and our desire to have it. And this is the big secret of course. Where would we be if we were all living consciously with love in our hearts?

Love comes in all forms. In all shapes and sizes. And if you look closely you have had it or have it now in your life. If you don’t have it now, know that you will again…or just look a little closer, you may be surprised to find it in the most unexpected of places. There’s no such thing as being unlovable. That’s just fear talking. Love finds us all. So hug your friend, pet your dog, say a prayer, hold your child close, cherish your teacher, kiss your partner, look deeply into the eyes of the one who holds your heart. Be aware of and be grateful for your ability to love and feel loved. Because really, that’s where our meaning in life comes from…through true connection with another. And that’s what it’s all about. Isn’t it?

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer

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