want less, be accepting of more…a recipe for happiness?

What happens when we allow ourselves to accept what’s on our plate? Instead of pushing it away, saying “I don’t want to deal with this”, saying “Oh well, I guess this is what I gotta do right now…I’ll get through it and move on to the next thing.” Allowing ourselves to accept and focus on the reality of the situation isn’t always easy, but it is a step towards solving the problem and moving forward in our lives. When we try to focus instead on the fantasy of how we’d like things to be, rather than how they really are, we actually end up stopping ourselves by standing in our own way. The solution. Remind ourselves there’s nothing we can’t handle, if we tell ourselves we can. While our fantasies may be alluring, it’s facing the realities along the path that will get us where we really want to go…

Be happy and well,

Sari Roth-Roemer


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