New Beginnings

What does it take to look at the world with a pair of fresh eyes? To look at things in a way that you have never seen them before? It takes a desire to do so, of course, along with a purposeful intent. “I’m tired of looking at things in this way, it only makes me feel bad, sad, frustrated, upset (pick your adjective)…it’s time to change my point of view.” It’s as simple and as difficult as that. It takes giving yourself permission to refocus your attention on to a more positive aspect of the situation. Something that makes you smile, or at least doesn’t make you frown. The most exciting thing of all, it puts you back in the drivers seat. Using your mood as a cue, catch yourself in the act of feeling frustrated. Then ask yourself what you are focusing on that is making you feel that way. Redirect your thoughts on to something that makes you feel happy, or at the very least, something more neutral. For example, if it’s a friend who’s upsetting you, think about something that friend has also done that has caused you to smile and let yourself focus on that for awhile. If it’s a problems you feel you can’t solve, remind yourself that you will be able to solve it eventually. You can return to the upsetting thought if you’d like, of course, but the important lesson here is realizing that you have a choice about where you want to put your focus. Good and bad exist simultaneously, we can choose which we would like to focus on.

Today was Easter Sunday and earlier this week Passover began. A holy time for many. A time full of symbolism, both religious and secular, focused on new life and new beginnings. The egg, the rabbit, the lamb, the butterfuly. Religious or not, Spring is the time to clear out the old and embrace the new. All around us we see evidence of this in nature to remind us of our task. New leaves grow from the branches that were shocked by the winter cold, bright colored buds give forth even more brightly colored flowers and scents. Did you have a chance to reflect this week? To think about the new beginnings you would like to take? To consider what old habits you may like to leave behind?

If you have had the chance, I applaud you. If you haven’t yet taken the time to do so, I encourage you. The reward is great. Not only may you learn something new, but you may give yourself an opportunity to experience growth in yourself. That wonderful thing that makes you smile with new knowledge and awareness, helping you feel as if the struggle was worth it…a butterfly emerging from the caterpillar’s cocoon. Take a chance why don’t you? Even if things are going pretty well, we can always benefit from a little growth, can’t we? What new point of view is waiting for you, if you’ll only look for it? Enjoy…

Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer


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