Simple Truths about Choice

Today I was lucky enough to get to talk to a group of wonderful people about choice. It was so energizing and enjoyable. I started off by showing a short u-tube video about the inspirational Sheena Iyangar, the “Choice” guru at Columbia University business school. She’s written a book called the Art of Choice. She contends that it is choice that adds meaning to our lives. I tend to agree. Throughout my lecture on “Making Healthy Choices” today, I discussed 8 simple truths. Take a look and see what you think:

Simple Truth #1
Simply telling yourself you can handle something, makes you able to handle it! Conversely, saying you can’t handle it increases the difficulty exponentially. You have the choice…

Simple Truth #2
You can choose not to be a victim…You can choose to have power.

Simple Truth #3
We have choice about what we focus on…which means we have choice over how we feel.

Simple Truth #4
You know your own answers…all you have to do is listen to the voice inside you that is connected to what is beyond you.

Simple Truth #5
Worrying brings us loss of control…Choosing to focus on the present and have faith in ourselves controls our worry and puts us feeling back in control.

Simple Truth #6
With awareness we can choose to stay open…we can control the “dimmer switch” and decide how open or closed we want to be given the circumstances.

Simple Truth #7
We all make bad choices at times…it’s OK…the trick is to choose to be honest, to learn from our mistakes, to let go, and then to move forward.

Simple Truth #8
If we choose to have faith in ourselves, we can handle anything that comes our way.
We make choices every day, of course. But are you fully aware of the choices you are making or are you simply reacting to your life?  It’s in making conscious choices that ultimately we are able to lead the healthy enjoyable lives that we all wish for. Are you taking at least a few moments every day to pay attention to what you are doing? Take a short walk, pray, meditate, breathe consciously, sit quietly…it doesn’t matter what, just take a little time to self-reflect. Take yourself off autopilot. Listen to that wonderful voice inside of you and coming through you and watch your world open up in front of you.
Be happy and well,
Sari Roth-Roemer
p.s. Today’s lecture was so much fun. If you want to catch the last lecture in the series on “Getting the Most Out of Your Communication”, set aside Wednesday October 27th at 11am. I’ll be back at HealthSouth Scottsdale Rehab Hospital. Call 480-551-5400 and ask for Melinda to let her know you’ll be coming.


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